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Jun 10, 2011 1:18pm PDT
played down his life for us so we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. someone who has a worldly means it sees a brother in need and refuses them compassion, how to love of god remain in him? children, let us love not inward or in a speech but in deed and truth. that is the word of the lord. >> thanks be to god. >> [music] okhots >> and the lord be with you. and also with you. a reading from the holy gospel according to lookluke. >> there was a scholar of the law who stood up to test jesus and said, a teacher, what must i do to inherit the tunnel life. jesus said to him, what is written in cobol, how do you read it? he said in reply, you shall love the lord, your god with all of your heart, with all of your been in with all of your strength and with all of your mind. love your neighbor as he replied, you have answered correctly. do this and you will live. because he wished to justify himself, he said to jesus and who is my neighbor? jesus replied, a man fell victim to robbers as he went down from jerusalem to jericho. they stripped and beat him and went off leaving him half dead.
Jun 10, 2011 1:30pm PDT
grieving together. not just firefighters, but all of us who acknowledge the sacrifice that vinny and tony have made for us. in our first greeting today, the commander of the army wants to commemorate the death of all those who died in battle and he adds a sacrifice to the temple in jerusalem in their honor. and so today, we are gathering in this cathedral to offer a sacrifice in memory of those who have made the supreme sacrifice. tony and vinny died together and they will be buried together. and it is so important that we be together today. we come from many different backgrounds, many different races, many different religions, many different genders and departments, but today we do this together. we do it because we have to be together at a time like this. every time that a firefighter goes out the doors of the fire house, they never know what they are really going to find. the dispatch can be as far as the moon from what they might actually find at the scene. and it might be just a false alarm, it might be a nuance call, it might not have any merits, it might be someone with bird food
Jun 13, 2011 1:00pm PDT
supervisor mar: happy monday, everyone. it is monday, june 13, 2011. this is the land use and economic development community. are there any announcements? >> please make sure to turn of all cellular phones and pagers. vayo should be submitted to the clerk. items that the the fund today will be on the 21st board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> i would like to thank the staff of sf tv for televising us today. please call the first item. actually, the first three items. >> item #1,ordinance amending the san francisco general plan by amending the executive park hunters point area plan, the land use index and maps and figures in various elements and adopting findings, including findings of consistency with the section 101.1. item #two. ordinance amending the san francisco planning code by establish the executive park special use district; adding section 263.27 to establish special height provisions for district and the 65/240 ep height and bulk district; that the table is not applicable to the executive park special use district; and adding section 309.2 to es
Jun 13, 2011 7:30pm PDT
was comparing the increased mechanization to the increased use of labor over the past two years. it was significantly higher, the cost of labor, then mechanization. you are going to see more independent contractors. there are employers that are abusing this, but most of the employers are trying to play by the rules and operating on a very thin margin. they are looking for ways to grow and expand their business. president o'brien: thank you. we have one more speaker before we go to the general public comment. mr. black? >> commissioners, rob black. thank you for the opportunity to speak today. you have heard from the proponents of this ordinance that businesses are not complying with the spirit of the law by allowing for unused moneys to return to the employer, that because only 20% of health reimbursement account expenditures are used that the employer must be violating the intent of the law, that employers are restricting benefit packages with the intent of making them difficult to use, the example primarily around reimbursement of insurance premiums. i want to talk about those
Jun 14, 2011 4:00am PDT
% -- and they shifted a bit -- are for insurance. it gives the impression that very few businesses are using hra's. 860 employers, 29% of all employers regulated under help the san francisco -- healthy san francisco, use the reimbursement plan. the annual compliance costs is $50 million. that is $50 million on top of 860 employers, which runs about $58,000 additional per employer annually. 65% of those employers we are talking about have less than 100 employees. 65% of the people using reimbursement accounts in some way to comply are small businesses. it is hard to argue this is a small-business friendly piece of legislation. i also want to talk about health reimbursement accounts and health savings accounts. it is a very confusing part of the law. the same language has been used interchangeably, and they are not interchangeable terms. when you have a high deductible insurance plan, you compare that with the health savings account. an hsa can only be used with a high deductible insurance plans. there are then separate flexible spending accounts that provide for various -- i had one at my last employer
Jun 5, 2011 9:30am EDT
for joining us. this will not be the feel-good program of the year. a wit several signs this week that the economy is losing steam. unemployment kicks up to land on 0.1%. plus the rate of new hiring slowed. this week, we have officially hit the double digit recession in the housing market. home prices in a sampling of 20 cities nationwide down to the lowest level in eight years. that means really difficult times for raising money if you are a nonprofit. billy shore was a hot commomodity on capitol hill could have made -- who could have made it big bobig bucks. in 1984, he started share our strength in the basement on capitol hill. it sends he has grown the organization into one of the largest nonprofit in the u.s. and what is his successful business model? it is the topic he has thought about in a new book. billy shore thank you so much for joining us. lelet's start with your business model. not only did you start in a basement of a rowhouse, but even as you grew, and by 2008, you were up to a $13 million nonprofit. you decided you wanted to grow even more. you are up to $35 mill
Jun 11, 2011 10:05pm EDT
for honoring me with this prestigious award. [applause] >> next, a discussion on the use of social media in connection with the arab political protest. then another chance to see some of the highlights from german chancellor angela merkel visit to washington d.c. this week. tomorrow on "washington journal," "reporters roundtable on the 2012 campaign with political columnist charles hurt. karen elzey talks about president obama's expansion of booktraining, and kevin bucsho discusses the future of opec. "washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. connect with c-span on line with the latest video on twitter, continuing conversations on facebook, political places in washington and beyond, and programming highlights on our youtube channel. c-span and social media, connect today. a discussion now on the role social media has played in the arab political uprisings in the middle east and how media such as facebook and twitter can be used as political organizing tools here in the u.s. speakers include gillian york and comedian and blotter. it is about an hour. >> we have limited tim
Jun 5, 2011 6:30am PDT
these tools, and the general obligation bond. they have critical needs and timing issues allowing us to consider this. we will use certificates of participation because of the timing. laguna honda, we did go there for a portion of the construction, but realized the cost of construction had risen above what was originally concentrated. we're working to fund a portion of this improvement. >> much of this is a timing issue, and i think part of what i want talk about the day is that this is the only jurisdiction that has to go to the voters for the revenue bonds. how helpful it be to have this ability and will ultimately be cheaper for us as a city, if we're want to talk about what kind of interest that we will pay on a police revenue bonds? >> and can use a little bit more? is there any other factor besides timing about when you go through this revenue route? >> on this slide, we have open public space and in response to your question, we have a debt policy. we itemize the conditions on these issues where we have success, that have been beneficial to us. and conditions from under which
Jun 12, 2011 7:30pm PDT
for us to get on with this development and stop this nonsense. the world is not going to fall to pieces if it is built. it will be led by people of conscience and dignity and mind. it will be to the glory and the betterment of this city when we do it and make san francisco a city for all. [applause] supervisor mirkarimi: any other public comment? for those who have not speaken -- spoken -- sorry, it has been a long day. >> i'm the director of the booker t. washington community center. i have heard all these people talk about a compromise. we are the project sponsor. we have never taken part in any discussion about any compromise. any compromise on the table has been a compromise developed without any of booker t.'s and put. thank you. -- booker t.'s input. supervisor mirkarimi: as the director, maybe you could help answer these questions. there was a comment that drew is school would be a majority user of the gymnasium. >> that is not true. they use it mostly during the day when our youth are not there. in the summer, when we have summer camp, and actually started today. drew is not usi
Jun 13, 2011 11:00pm PDT
and continue to use email at anywhere in the world at anytime which we think is a significant improvement to the public how we can respond before, during and after a disaster. we see email as one of the key systems that's really critical to providing really good public service. on the phone, questions? >> hi. this is sharon from "the seattle times." can you hear me? >> we can. >> thank you for taking my question. i was wondering if san francisco considered google in its r.s.p. process and if it did why did it choose microsoft over google? >> sure. we actually considered lote us. -- lotus. we looked at google and the exchange solutions. we had our architecture group which is made up of c.i.o.'s around the city, look at all three solutions and went through a several-year process considering the technologies that underline each of the solutions, the benefits to the city and at the end of the conversation it was unanimous between all of the c.i.o.'s during the city that the exchange platform that the city wanted to adopt for a lot of reasons. one of the things i wanted to stress the most for
Jun 17, 2011 10:30am PDT
issues before us. commissioner caen: so we can either go ahead and call the vote or delay this until the next meeting but it sounds like the commissioners have heard enough and that it might not better inform us to make a decision if we delay. >> i have a question. if we hear it at another meeting, a future meeting, won't the same people come forth and discuss what was discussed today? i don't know what more we can learn. i mean, you help me. what more do you think he could -- we could learn to offer to the public? >> i think that maybe this was the public hearing that we needed to have and we've heard the questions that have come up. i know it was a concern at the last meeting that these concerns hadn't been agendized. my concern is still around the 200,000 -- it just seems like right now where we are as an agency and with all the priorities that we're having to cut that it seems like a pretty big amount of money to do this study on something as far as i've heard is not that feasible project to do a desal project that has such high energy conservations. >> a from a cost-analysis po
Jun 18, 2011 5:00am PDT
only be used with a high deductible insurance plans. there are then separate flexible spending accounts that provide for various -- i had one at my last employer that i used for health care reimbursement. this was a flexible spending account. family costs -- my child's day care, i can get reimbursed, but i have to use it every year. ssa's are required to be use it or lose it. there is then an hra, which in many ways mirrors the hsa, but is a more flexible approach that does not have to be prepared with a high deductible plan. i just want to clarify that because the distinction got lost when people were talking about how to use hra's. an hra is more flexible than an hsa. an employee can take advantage of this money and it is not reflected as income. if i want to go in need to go to the doctor, i can see the doctor and get reimbursed $100. that $100 does not reflect as income to me. that is a tax advantage and benefit for that employee. i have to admit, the testimony today, especially from the employees, was carried challenging and difficult. it was hard to hear those stories. as
Jun 22, 2011 7:00am PDT
mistakenly forgotten to contact us before they received the closure notice. we can reinstate that account for that individual. we maintain records of all closed accounts for a seven-year period. so if that individual should, for example, forget or misplace their information and come back three years later after an account has been closed, it can be immediately reinstated with the amount of money that was in the account at the time of closure. to date, we have closed 5,000 accounts. we have only closed accounts once in the over three-year history that we have hassd m.r.a. accounts under the healthy san francisco option plan and that was actually in march of this year. we do not close accounts frequently as i indicated. we just close accounts with a per sentence three years into the practice. the average number -- the range in terms of the number of months in terms of inactivity for those accounts were accounts that were anywhere from 19 months inactive to 34 months inactive. almost from the time the account has been established, the individual has not elected to withdraw funds. but as i in
Jun 22, 2011 7:30am EDT
friend is absolutely right. the people who send us here want us to sort out the welfare system. they want it to be there for people who genuinely need help but they also want to make sure that if you can work and you're offered a life, you shouldn't be allowed to go on welfare. there's legislation and we voted about it and when the crutch come they didn't have the cuts to back it. >> thank you, mr. speaker. most people know that rushdale is the home of cooperation. next year is the united nations year of cooperations and will they have mutualism and the 20% trick? >> i note the excellent record of prime minister's visiting and what can happen when they get there. [laughter] >> so i will -- i'll certainly put it in the diary. i'm a strong supporter of cooperatives and also in the public services and we'll be making some announcements about that maybe in the months to come. >> paul? >> thank you mr. speaker. earlier this year the prime minister demonstrated a strength of character to talk about the issue of multiculturalism. in view of the fact that i have a christian first seek and a sek s
Jun 30, 2011 1:00pm PDT
availability of tap water in cafeterias. the building grounds committee gave us a positive recommendation. >> would you like the full therefore be it resolved? it provides access for fresh drinking water during meal times, including areas under the national school lunch and breakfast program by july 1, 2011. be it resolved they will have tap water available with existing water fountains as well as schools receiving water as part of the global tap initiatives and other private sources. they will limit the ability to provide additional top water for other areas in the remaining schools, and they will work for providing permanent access to tap water by the 2016 school year. >> thank you. i do not have any public speakers sign up at this time. >> tonight we are being asked to approve of bottled water contract on the order of $80,000. go i am hoping by making have water available we will be able to reduce the amount of saltwater wheat contract for. i understand sometimes bob goldwater is the only option. i am hoping this will help cut costs elsewhere. >> i heard you say and $800
Jun 2, 2011 7:30pm PDT
that precludes us from requiring us to comply with the sunshine ordnance going forward. those are a couple of things that maybe, you can look into before the comeback to the board of supervisors. >> great. and are there any other questions or comments? we have a resolution in before the committee. there has been indication as the kinds of changes that we would like to see as the matter comes before the board. a motion by farrell with a recommendation. thank you to everyone wh ocame out -- who came out on the matter. >> can you call item six? >> a hearing on the debt structure and the non-voter approved debt. >> this item has been introduced by supervisor farrell. he and his staff have spent time working on the item. the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair campos. and thank you to everyone who is here for this hearing. i want to thank the city attorney's office and the mayor's budget office, and the budget and legislative analyst for coming out today. one of the reasons i ran for supervisor last year was not only to help the small business grow in the city, but also fight for sound fiscal p
Jun 30, 2011 1:00am PDT
water. you can use the same fountain. you can fill the bottled water with have water and put it in. >> there may be a particular issue with plumbing in a few schools that we are addressing as they are modernized, and once that happens we will be able to use the tap water, because the plumbing will have been modernized. that is a small number. i think we all enjoy it, so we will do our best to make sure that is what we are drinking a curator >> -- we are drinking. >> are there some schools but would need some modifications that are not in our bond measure? >> as we go through the process, and we are looking for a way to be able to include that and in the schools that would be on the 2011 bond, each individual school outside of the group will have to be assessed to see if there is a water fountain already in the cafeteria. in some schools there may already, and it may be a matter of making short is -- making sure it is suitable size is. -- as is. we will not know until we have a full assessment. >> any other questions? >> the bottled water mentioned, does that include a bottle water
Jun 9, 2011 2:00pm PDT
income and transitional use -- it's only a little bit toward the need. i would like to talk specifically about some of my friends in my neighborhood, one who emancipated last year and is now in the bayview area because there is no housing in my neighborhood for her. another who emancipated around the corner from me now lives in daly city because that is worth the transitional housing is. i urge you to support the project as it is. nine units is a significant number of units considering individuals who will be impacted by not having housing. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. >> chairman, members of the committee, my name is brown, president of the naacp and pastor at the church. i'm appalled, as langston hughes said, i swear to the lord, i still cannot see why democracy means everybody but me. what's the point? when we built the fillmore center, there is a question of height and density. but it was built. it is thriving there. when the jewish community built the committee center at the corner of california, there was no great brouhaha. the heights went up. this institution tha
Jun 18, 2011 4:00am PDT
% down to 80%, and an increase in using reimbursement plans. that is laid out in table 8 in your chart. forgive me. there are a lot of numbers here. looking specifically at the money allocated to reimbursement plans, as supervisor campos indicated, $62 million was allocated to these plans. in this context, the allocation to a plan constitutes an expenditure. this is what is being addressed in the legislation. only top% -- only $12 million, 20% of that, was reimbursed to those employees over the course of that year. it is 29% of employers who use these reimbursement plans in some way, shape or form. 13% of them have it as the primary method of meeting the employer spending requirements. it is a higher number that used them at all. many employers will primarily provide health insurance and may allocate a small amount of money to a small subset of workers into these reimbursement plans. in addition to that 20% figure, the amount reimbursed to workers, the median reimbursement rate is lower, 12%, if we look at all the employers and find the middle point. the reimbursement rate is 12%. in o
Jun 8, 2011 9:30pm PDT
have are before us, literally, groundbreaking legislation. what he will sign into law today, what the mayor will sign into law today represent a big of a to the city's regulation of local food production. our community gardens and backyard kitchen gardens will be permitted everywhere under this legislation. surprisingly enough, prior to this legislation, the sale of that food was not. the products are primarily derived from locally grown foods. it establishes operational standards to ensure compatibility of urban agriculture within our existing neighborhoods. there are [unintelligible] from the agricultural commission as well. it is my great pleasure to introduce the champion of environmental sustainability. he was director of public works and the city administrator. he has been instrumental in moving electric vehicle policies forward as well as leading an overall effort to make the city far more sustainable. it is my great pleasure to introduce you today. >> good afternoon, everybody. it is my personal pleasure to be out here. i want to thank supervisor mar, the environmental dep
Jun 26, 2011 11:00am EDT
for rising costs and schedule flips. the lockheed martin executive giving us an update. as spending drops a top executive tells us where the growth markets are. but first, the french air force is busier today than in a decade with aircraft flying combat missions over libya and afghanistan and west africa. brisk pace for the force. founded in 1909. today has 57,000 personnel and 874 aircraft. france was among those pressing for military action in libya and has taken the leading role in enforcing the no fly zone over the country. but how much longer can it keep up the pace? and what have the lessons learned since the start much operations earlier this year there? i sat down with the chief of the french air force. i wanted to start off with what are the big lessons learned especially from the libya operation. you're involved obviously in afghanistan and west africa but especially libya and how those operations will shape your procurement programs going into the future? do you need more precision guided and more capabilities, more intelligence? >> our best assets in libya are the men and wome
Jun 29, 2011 5:00am PDT
is essentially implement a use it or lose it policy. it reverts to or is retained by the employer. it is worth pointing out that the irs regulations and a lot around these accounts is very flexible. employers are committed to have these accounts, whereby the money is made available to workers in subsequent years and builds up over time. the accounts represented with healthy san francisco accumulate over time, but i can count on one hand the number of employer reimbursement accounts that affirmatively, on their own, have a provision that allows this money to roll over year to year. the vast majority terminate on the loss at the end of the year. >> i have a question. i am sorry to interrupt again. with your example of these firms that are offering these accounts for employers, perhaps if you do not know this, somebody else would. is this something that came about because of healthy san francisco, or was it already happening due to legislation or even good will prior to help the san francisco -- prior to healthy san francisco that is being targeted toward the city? >> the irs permitted these acco
Jun 29, 2011 5:30am PDT
understand what is available to them and now they can use those accounts. when an employer decides to select the city option, they are able to submit information through an electronic web-based system. that information that employers submit, essentially the address of the employees, the birth date of the flow and whether or not that employee currently has health insurance will determine whether or not we give them access to a medical reimbursement klt account or to healthy san francisco. the employer in no way makes that decision and once those funds have been transferred through our system, the employer is not able to recapture any portion of the dollars that are submitted on behalf of the employee. we work very hard to ensure that our employers number one have a good understanding of the options that are available to their employees. under the regulations of the employer spending requirement, all employers are required to provide their employee with notice that a deposit has been made on their behalf. once that notice has taken place, we go into action to make sure that the employees ares
Jun 8, 2011 6:30pm PDT
of of steak. -- development. if we were following the law as written, we would be having a conditional use hearing. i want to point out three issues regarding the permit. this was amended on march 24. it required an notification for 30 days of would have allowed neighbors to request discretionary review. that's never happened. instead of moving forward, the resubmitted the new permits, which is been -- being repealed. this movement to avoid a hearing should not be permitted. i am first asking that you rule to go through the process required of them in the first place. there is the permit and the notification for that. the second issue is the square footage requirement. i understand there are limitations as to what ncnb presented to you. we only acquired this when a neighbor actually filed a request. note it was incomplete. what that shows is that this project is over 4000 square feet, which would trigger a hearing. i would submit that on behalf of this issue. based on the definitions, this was not briefed before. we believe there was an issue of total square footage proposed. finally, i wa
Jun 12, 2011 8:30pm EDT
. which even by u.s. standards is outrageous, excessive, mexico is a country where less collective or associative participation than any country in latin america, let alone the united states or western europe. we're a country that's terrible at team sports. we have never won anything as team sports, though we're good at individuals. boxers, runners, bullfighters, golfers. we're a country where people don't like to live in high-rises because they don't believe it's their home. they want their home on the ground level. which means the cities stretch out endlessly and cost a fortune. we're a country where there are no collective action suits, the notion itself doesn't exist. we're a country of leaders of movements. [speaking spanish] >> uprising commander 15 years ago. we're not a country of movements. now being so individualistic is great expect when 60% of your society is middle class. then it doesn't work anymore. >> senior castaneda, how would you describe the current relationship between mexico and the united states? >> what i try to do in this book when you have a long devoted b
Jun 26, 2011 10:00am PDT
quote with us. a poll released this week by the pew research center shows that, for the first time, a majority of americans want u.s. troops to leave afghanistan as soon as possible. in a speech from the white house on wednesday, president obama promised to begin the withdrawal this summer. he said more than 30,000 troops will return home by next year. >> america, it is time to focus on nation building here at home. >> earlier in the week, the u.s. conference of mayors called for an end to the war, saying the money would be better spent on domestic needs. nearly 40 religious leaders also urged an end to the conflict.
Jun 28, 2011 7:30pm PDT
you, and i was not able to talk on item l. you are out of compliance. you are not telling us where the funding is going to, and that is a violation of state law, so i'm going to keep telling you this, because you need to be able to respond to these things. >> thank you. now it is public comment. we are going to go to the approval of the proposed flexible use for educational purposes, items seven through nine of the agenda. i need a reading of items. i need a motion and a second. thank you. then a reading. >> good evening. the approval of the proposed use of state three categorical funding, whereas the inactive state budget and subsequently enacted new bill authorizes school districts, charter schools, to use funding received for any of the tier 3 categorical programs enumerated for any educational purpose under federal law. whereas the funding for any educational purposes is authorized for five years from fiscal year 2009 until 2013 conclusive, and finding that may be used for educational purposes and as a condition for the general fund, the governing board are counting on educatio
Jun 14, 2011 7:30pm PDT
the san francisco general plan by amending the executive park hunters point area plan, the land use index and maps and figures in various elements and adopting findings, including findings of consistency with the section 101.1. item #two. ordinance amending the san francisco planning code by establish the executive park special use district; adding section 263.27 to establish special height provisions for district and the 65/240 ep height and bulk district; that the table is not applicable to the executive park special use district; and adding section 309.2 to establish permit review special use district; adopting findings, including 302 findings, and findings of consistency with the general of planning code section 101.1. item #3. ordinance amending the san francisco planning code by amending sectional maps su10 of the zoning map of the city and county of san francisco to establish the executive park special use district; amending sectional map ht10 to establish the 65/240-ep height and bulk district; amending sectional map zn09 to change certain executive park parcels from c-2(community
Jun 21, 2011 7:00pm PDT
that will be reserved for them to use throughout the year. that money is what funds the after-school program, and a team that -- teen program. to limit it to 700 would require it to break a provision of an existing contract. >> our contract is for a minimum of 700 hours. in order to fund a program, we rent the gym out to other entities as well. it is the only way we are able to get current income to support the program, including our summer camp, where we have 80 kids and we have no support from the city. in order to be able to support the programs, but we used pumping -- we use the gym to do that. currently, at $100 an hour, i think we got about $73,000. in addition, we got another $50,000 from other entities that rent office space. if we did not have that money, we will -- we would not be able to function the way we are able to function now. >> thank you. >> it is distressing when asked them to explain the hours that are provided. i expect complete disclosure. when i asked for the numbers of hours and a breakdown of how many hours per day will be provided for the the public comment the answer was 3.5
Jun 3, 2011 12:35am PDT
been used in the same sentence. [ laughter and applause ] that's right. a class on "jersey shore." the professor's going to be like "okay, if you have any questions, just raise your hand, then close your fist, then pump it." [ kick drum ] then pump it. ♪ ♪ then pump it ♪ then pump it ♪ then pump it [ applause ] i'm professor laser face -- class dismissed. [ laughter ] professor laser face? >> steve: that's his name? >> jimmy: professor laser face. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: yeah, he's cool man. >> steve: he got a doctorate. >> jimmy: right. he is -- doctor -- dr. laser face. [ laughter ] >> steve: "jersey shore." that's right. >> jimmy: he's so cool man. everyone's talking about this, you guys. there's a company in los angeles that's selling a bottle of water for $2,600. you know what's just as ridiculous? a $2 bottle of water. [ laughter and applause ] and finally, a dairy queen in canada broke a world record this week by creating a ten-ton ice cream dessert, or as we call that in america, a medium. ladies and gentleman we have a great show tonight. give it up for the root
Jun 23, 2011 2:00am EDT
in common on this issue than we have different between us. but we'll do our best to find the differences to make it fun to spend time with us here this morning. the arrival of chinese outbound foreign domestic involvement around the world as well as chinese recovery from the debacle, from the pre-reform era that they are still recovering from presents the united states with consequences both good and bad for our economic primecy in the world as others get back on their feet and also presents us with choices to make about how we are to respond to that economic development. to kick off the discussion of the topic of outbound direct investment, this morning i'll make just three points for consideration, for yours and derrick's, to get us started about the nature of these chinese companies going abroad now, really for the first time arriving on u.s. shores. the first point i want to make is that whatever conclusions we draw about american interests with regard to this investment should be based on clear information and analysis of what is actually happening coming out of the chinese side and
Jun 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
of it in its first year, 1998, when it first rolled out for public use. it was actually hosted by the stanford university servers. you found it at the first few notices that i was able to find in the popular press refer to it at that url. and even early on it was clear that google was going to be the darling of people who were, um, excited about technology. technologically sophisticated. it accomplished a couple of things that had been eluding a lot of other companies that had been trying to organize the web and help navigate the weapon. first and foremost, it had a blank page, right? it was just a box through which you would enter text and generate a fairly clean selection of links. and the links would be in order, and the order seemed to make sense to us, right? it struck us as intuitively right. intuitively relevant. and the great leap that google made early on was, first of all, to use that blank page and at a time when if you remember the web in the late '90s, and some of you might, the web was crazy. it was full of all kinds of flashing things and crazy things, and e
Jun 19, 2011 9:30am EDT
county club in bethesda for the u.s. open. coming up later in the show, the head of nike golf. she hosted a special event at east potomac golf course to promote women and golf. but first, a female ceo of a bethesda company who now has a multi-year contract for this u.s. major, susalacz, theeo of ridgewells caterers. >> susan lacz, welcome to "washington business report." >> we have been catering to u.s. open since 1993. >> you have been getting a lot of media coverage of this week. tell us about the background. >> it was established in 1928 by the ridgewell family. we have been catering social evts but weddings, family gatherings corporate. >> what is it like behind-the- scenes at the.s. open? >> we start planning a year in advance. this is the first year of a three-year contract extension. it is like breaking it down one- tenth at a time. although we are serving 30,000 meals this week, we break it down one-tenth at a time. we take care of all of the food and beverage the staffing, the presentation. it is a logistical operation and it has to be ons-spot. >> are you feeding everyone? the m
Jun 15, 2011 11:00pm EDT
's neighbors told us police were in the neighborhood, a part of spring field, called newington forest, and at the same address just yesterday, something officials would later confirm. >> i've just learned police officers were here yesterday about 8:00 p.m. to do a welfare check on this exact same address. >> reporter: what happened? >> the officers got no response from the house but in looking through the windows and around the house they found no reason to kick in the door at that time. >> reporter: the fairfax county police got a call of second concern from a different friend today and decided to investigate further making the ghoulish discovery that's become a murder-mystery. now, tonight, neighbors are telling us the victim was canadian, apparently had dual citizenship, was in the catering business. as far as family, we don't know whether she was married, but apparently, brian had no children. >> bob barnard tonight. >>> new this afternoon, an assistant principal at a virginia elementary school arrested on child porn charges. 29-year-old joshua myers has been suspended without pay
Jun 15, 2011 7:00pm PDT
of 500 tons daily. the french made device uses a special chemical agent to treat the contaminated water. the u.s. made device is designed to remove radioactive cesium. tuesday's test showed it reduced cesium by a factor of 3,000. tepco planned to reduce the number of substances by 10,000 before moving the decontaminated water to temporary tanks. technical problems delayed the test by four days. >>> we're getting another look at the extent of the damage at fukushima daiichi. tepco released video inside the number three reactor building. the footage was taken last thursday when workers entered the building to check radiation levels. the roof of the facility is missing because of a hydrogen explosion on march 14th. the video shows the workers wiping the floor with paper sheets to check the concentration of radioactive substances that have been scattered there. it also gives a look at the water that's accumulated in the reactor building's basement. it's believed to be water leaked after it was injected to cool the reactor. the highest dosimeter reading during this information was about 100
Jun 16, 2011 2:30pm PDT
being laid off. we are talking most of us going out of business. the hourly public parking is paramount to our survival and a thriving of the business community with and that two- block radius. it has developed a beautiful culture of restaurants and small businesses. all of them are independently owned and operated. i came running from the kitchen. i have been there since 8:00 this morning. we are living in a small, tight community that has no other public parking access. rosas lot we have is four blocks away down two steep hills. we see drops in business specifically. the community thrives with a barrage of their -- the garage there. we were able to sustain through the milk down. without that in existence, at least three people agree that there would be shutting their doors down, depending on the results of this hearing. there are few restaurant brokers ready to go into work tomorrow. it is a vital, -- it is of vital importance. we are sending 20 cars up there at any given time on any given night. it allows us to draw people from all over the city to dine and it allows a ready to fill
Jun 2, 2011 9:00pm PDT
. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> item six, please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any persons responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or similar sound- producing electronic device. be advised that a member of the public has a to 3 minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter time on any item. 7a, executive directors report. >> good afternoon, president brandon, vice-president lazarus. welcome to the port. welcome to staff and probably many others i have forgotten. it is, as was said earlier today, a joy to see all five of you sitting up there. commissioner crowley, you are one lucky dude, man. use it on the only port commission in the country to have more women than men, to have female officers, a female executive director, and a female cfo, thank you for breaking ground with all of us. we are honored to have you. most importantly, we are honor
Jun 29, 2011 6:00am PDT
go away from the business for a benefit employees are not using? if they do not know about it, that can be addressed. if they know about it and are not accessing it, why is that an efficient way to reallocate money that could go to hiring in the city? president o'brien: thank you. thank you to all the presenters. thank you supervisor campos. at this stage, we will go to general public comment. clearly, there are a lot of us here this evening. >> mr. president, a point of clarification generally. do commissioners asked their questions of the presenting supervisor or any of the panel? president o'brien: before we go to public comment. thank you for that. i apologize. commissioner yee riley: you mentioned that your department determines whether employers should be on the healthy san francisco. how'd you decide that? >> employers fill out a form. we ask the employer for the address of the employee, the name of the employee, telephone number, their date of birth, and if that employer has health insurance. we ask that information because help the san francisco -- healthy san francis
Jun 6, 2011 3:30pm PDT
and not the actions related to the project. supervisor wiener: how about a conditional use appeal? by the way, have no agenda here. i cannot stand the rules that we are not allowed to take a position on projects that impact are district or the city. i think the california law is really screwed up. the rules are what they are and i want to make sure we have clarity. i know the rules are all looser with them eir appeal. i understand the appeal of conditional use was filed, so is that different from what we are permitted to do as individual supervisors? >> the conditional use appeal pertains to the act of a specific project itself, whereas what is before the land use committee today is a special used district that would allow or be able to facilitate the project but does not go to the actual details of the project the way conditional use does. supervisor wiener: individual members may give opinions without -- >> yes. supervisor mar: after the 20% of the homeowners are residents are verified, that comes to the full board on june 28th, as the process? >> i'm not sure about the date. the clerk may be fam
Jun 17, 2011 9:30pm PDT
&t, located within the mixed use office building district. the proposed code of work includes installation of 12 panel antennas on the existing six-story buildings. these would be mounted approximately 82 feet above street level and are suspicious -- and are sufficiently screen from the public right-of-way and public view. as cited in the guidelines, the project is located on a location preference to the site. currently, this rooftop currently possesses seven panel antennas by another wireless operator, and other wireless operator is anticipating another six panels at another hearing. since this is located within the article 10 historic district, it received the certificate of appropriateness on june 15, 2011. staff has received three phone calls requesting information about the project, two emails a concern, and one letter expressing opposition. these have been included in your pocket. staff has received another e- mail citing concerns over the long-term health effects of the proposed project, which have been passed out to you. the project complies with the current federal communication c
Jun 18, 2011 4:30am PDT
that was the only shoe that would fit on his foot. there are just too many cases of us either being denied stuff because it wasn't covered in our policy or funds that had directly expired. that is about it. now i think there have been a few more people reimbursed. we're about up to $1,000. thank you. >> thank you. commissioners and members of the public who are here and thank you for giving us your time. [applause] i want to thank ron for taking the time to share -- and rosanne for taking the time to share their experiences with us. i just want to make a final point and i will be happy to take any questions. you have heard from the employees and you know, i think that better than i certainly can explain what it means to the worker and we're going to hear from a number of folks through public comment and i'll recognize including some folks who are against this legislation. good people who are here to speak against this. and i want to hear what they have to say. but this is really about whether or not, i mean, we're going to have a healthy san francisco work the way this is supposed to work. some
Jun 16, 2011 6:00am EDT
am mindy basara. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us. >> we will have a check on the forecast with tony. >> it's not a great morning. a little cloudy with a few sprinkles, nothing to affect the drive time much. temperatures were in the 40's in some neighborhoods yesterday. .ight now, upper 50's, low 60's there's a chance of sprinkles this morning. today's forecast, by this afternoon we will be destabilizing so there's a better chance of thunderstorms after 2:00. some of those could be strong. high temperature in the upper 70's up to about 80 degrees. we will expect we can forecast in a few minutes. first, caldwell on the roads. >> a nice ride except westbound 100 at coca-cola drive, and accidents reported. moving well other than that on the major roads. the only other thing is police activity in the city at moravia and harcourt. five minutes to get your south run 95 down towards the fort mchenry for the 895 split. 11 minutes on the outlook west side. here's a live view of traffic. green's spring, going away from us is the beltway inner loop for the day of sex. a little bit mor
Jun 5, 2011 4:00am EDT
today on u.s. farm report, a different atmosphere looms over the opening rounds of talks for thefection farm bill. and if you don't count ohio and michigan and indiana, crop planning is catching up. and your market experts talk about new contract highs. >> u.s. farm report brought to you by chevy and their award- winning cars, trucks, and crossovers. hello and welcome to u.s. farm report. i'm john phipps. more than a few frustrated farmers are looking for that last row to be planted. and for of us are surveying fields with subdued enthusiasm. farmers are unsettled about crops this year. this is what it looks like when supply and demand struggle to meet. as this summer propresses, we're going to learn about how our ag sector works with a small margin for error. for my part, i think it's time to put my son in charge of marketing. time for the headlines. here's al pell. >> the senate ag committee conducted its first field hearing this week and to no one's surprise, the budget deficit is at the core of every conversation. tuesday's hearing was headed by committee chair debbie
Jun 11, 2011 6:30pm EDT
to america that republicans in the house have been working to implement since americans entrusted us with the majority. you >> we invited obama to work with us to enact our job creation plan. today we are renewing that invitation. we made clear to the president that under no circumstances will republican support irresponsible legislation that increases the federal government's credit limit without any spending cuts are budgetary reforms. it is high time we cut of the government's credit cards and draw hard line to stop the government from overspending. it is hampering our economy's ability to grow and thrive. we must get the government to stop spending more money than we take the and and focus our efforts towards growing the private-sector where jobs are created. we live in the greatest country in the world. we refuse to accept second best. that is what our jobs plan is all about. you can learn more at. thank you for listening. >> this is the second annual consumer electronics show on capitol hill. we are on site today to talk with some of the exhibitors, see some of the new technolo
Jun 9, 2011 6:00pm PDT
a at the b l what he is history. leaders from the u.s. to kuwait met to map out a post-gadhafi libya. they poured millions of dollars into an international fund to help the rebels. he said that the end of gadhafi may come sooner than we think. >> delegates believe that gadhafi's days in power are numbered. hillary clinton says that the closest allies are seeking talks on a transfer of power. >> we are putting the economic and political pressure on gadhafi. his isolation is growing. the list of officials that have abandoned him are growing. >> at a nato meeting in brussels, germany said that it was willing to help with reconstruction and the defense minister did not rule out sending troops if there was a u.n. mandate. >> we are hoping for a solution that does not involve a military presence. perhaps helping to set up new security forces. if things turn out differently, and when -- we will examine constructively what is needed. >> there are calls for the end of german involvement in the air campaign over libya. >> the president of senate gaul is calling on moammar gadhafi to step down.
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